Vertcoin did not have an ICO or Premine, as taking a large portion of a potential global currency is practically fraud. We’re constantly looking for more people to help out and build Vertcoin. Below we have listed some ways that you can help out the Vertcoin Community, whether that be accepting Vertcoin as a business or develop code for next-generation applications, everyone can help out.

Add Vertcoin as Payment

If you are a store owner, you can accept VTC in your store and help adoption of the currency.


You can donate VTC to one of our donation goals and help us with funds we can put to use towards Vertcoin’s future.

Translate Content

If you are native speaker of a language that our new website is not (yet) translated in you can help us by translating it to your native language and make our website reach out to your native audience. Talk to us on Discord and we can set you up with the relevant materials to get started.

Run a Full Node

Improve our network’s resilience. If you have a spare computer or RaspberryPi lying around, run a full node. A full node is a hosted copy of the Vertcoin blockchain, the more places the blockchain is hosted the more protected the Vertcoin becomes. You can also just download Vertcoin Core Wallet and leave it open, this has the same effect.

Branding Materials

If you want to use the Vertcoin logo on your website, here’s the official logo pack with vector icons and png mix all ready for use.

Programming (Dev Team)

If you’re capable of programming in either C++, Go, VB.Net, NodeJS, or Android (Java) / iOS (Obj-C / Swift) you can contribute to any of our repositories. Our new website will soon have an extensive list of the projects that are important to Vertcoin’s success. Most of these projects are located on the Vertcoin Github, but some are also part of the MIT-DCI - but since they’re open source you’re free to contribute there too and aid our chance at a successful future. Come talk to us on Discord or send a pull request on Github, we work in a similar fashion to Bitcoin Development.

  • Verthash Mining Algorithm
  • Furthering Litbox Development/Research
  • Important Note: Lit Lightning Network is a MIT-DCI project. It is not a Vertcoin project. Although the projects share common people, Lit is researched on MIT-DCI time.

    Graphic Design

    If you’re handy with graphics/photoshop/web design you can reach out to our marketing team on Discord and they can use your help with all sorts of marketing materials. We can always use an extra set of hands.

    tldr: We’d love help from any angle, much like the Bitcoin community anyone can contribute their skills to Vertcoin.