Committed to total decentralisation.

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the fundamentals of decentralisation.

What Is Vertcoin?

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin with an added focus on keeping the ecosystem as decentralized as possible.No ASICs! No Monopolies! People Cheer!

Our Goal

We believe that cryptocurrencies should belong to the people. Anything less than this is a failure to cryptocurrency itself.

Vertcoin was created in 2014 with the intention of being easily mined by the masses. In more recent times devices called ASICs have taken over Bitcoin/Litecoin giving profitability over to large companies.Fair Mining and Lightning Network

Decentralised Mining

While other cryptocurrencies have succumbed to monopolized mining, Vertcoin remains resistant to the specialized hardware that is used to mine currencies like Bitcoin.

We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to share the benefits of the system and that mining cartels should not stand in the way of technological progress.

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Lightning Network

Lightning Network is a payment layer designed to solve the problems of scalability, speed and transaction costs without compromising security standards.

LIT is the first Lightning Network to include Vertcoin support, and currently the only non-commercial Lightning Network implementation, meaning that it can never be monetised.

LIT is developed at MIT DCI by Thaddeus Dryja the co-author of the Original Lightning Network White Paper.

Swap Currencies Easily

Lightning Atomic Swaps

Atomic Swaps allow for decentralized swapping of cryptocurrencies without a 3rd party.

This means that a merchant could accept your Vertcoin payment and easily change it into Bitcoin or any other supported currency.

We’re building Atomic Swaps into our new platforms as part of a larger strategy to move away from centralised exchanges for the benefit of crypto. Swap Currencies on the go

Be Your Own Bank

No Bank. Scalable. The Future.

Vertcoin does not care for hype. We care about making quality products. We will fulfill the original crypto vision by allowing you to be your own bank.

We are creating a Lightning Network mobile and desktop app that gives you access to the MIT-DCI Lightning Network (LIT).

Because LIT is natively compatible with other SegWit enabled coins, adding other coins to the ecosystem is trivial, unlike other implementations of lightning that require coins to software upgrade.

This system is not just for Vertcoin, but for the whole of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A payment system that truly allows adoption. Swap Currencies on the go

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Committed To Building A Balanced System

Vertcoin has a social contract between the developers and the community to build the fairest system possible, free from monopoly whether it be ASICs or corporate 3rd party interests that want to control Vertcoin. Everyone should be able to participate equally and openly. A fair and balanced system away from corporate interest.

No Premine, No ICO, No Air-Drop

Vertcoin is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Fairly distributed starting in January 2014, every Vertcoin in existence has been mined by its users on a level playing field.

This makes Vertcoin less susceptible to market manipulation as the developers do not maintain large holdings to artificially inflate the market capitalization.

Vibrant Community

Vertcoin has tens of thousands of community members from all over the globe. A great coin for beginners, join our Discord Server or Reddit to meet a ton of like-minded people who are waiting to help you get started.

Often hailed as one of the “best communities in crypto”, Vertcoin really is all about you. There are no businesses or celebrities behind Vertcoin, only real people with a shared vision.

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Feel Free To Chat!

As community members just like you, the developers are friendly and approachable. Many of us are active daily on Discord or Reddit and regularly converse with users, providing support and answering questions. Besides development and marketing, one of our primary roles is education and we’re happy to help new users to understand this new and exciting technology.